Business Reporting

10 key steps to deliver enterprise business intelligence and line of business reporting applications

Delivering a Business Intelligence application which dramatically improves your company’s business performance is one of the most rewarding projects you can ever work on. At EiB we should know, having done so on over 600 successful BI projects using the Microsoft BI infrastructure.However, it is also challenging with many real world obstacles (both technical and commercial), which is why more than 50% of all BI projects fail.So, in order to help you

Expert Opinion 08 - 5 Ways to Evolve your Data and Analytics Capabilities in 2019

Expert Opinon 08: 4 Ways to Evolve your Data and Analytics Capabilities in 2019

Welcome to 2019, a new year, with new challenges, new opportunities and a lot more new data. For some organisations the prospect of amassing another year’s worth of data is an exciting one, given both the valuable insights and intelligence which this data can provide for improving internal efficiency, selling more products and services, marketing more strategically, building better products, and strengthening customer relationships and loyalty. But the stark reality for a lot of businesses, is that the majority of their data

EiB Insights 001 - Calculating Written vs. Earned Premium

EiB Insights Series 1: Management Information (MI) in the Insurance Industry

EiB Insights is a series of bite-size videos curated by Excel in Business’ Managing Director, Paul Martin. As the InsurTech revolution continues to evolve, with exciting new technological advances disrupting and evolving the industry, for many organisations, embracing a digitally driven future is not a straight forward proposition. The first EiB Insights series seeks to explore the real World issues and challenges which businesses operating in the Insurance industry face, within an