Unlock the Real Value in Your Data

Businesses today operate in a highly competitive environment where they are challenged to create value using data and turn it into opportunities. To help businesses leverage on and extract value from customer and corporate data available to them, Excel in Business offers a comprehensive range of easy-to-use Business Intelligence (BI) and data analytics solutions.

Designed to meet the most demanding needs of businesses of all sizes, our BI and analytics solutions have been built around technologies that ensure you a quick implementation and rapid return on investment. Operated in a virtual environment and deployable via mobile, our industry-specific BI solutions achieve value across the enterprise faster by providing a foundation for solving specific strategic problems.

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Ensuring a Swift, Seamless, and Hassle-Free Implementation of Your BI Solution

At Excel in Business, we adopt a structured, methodical approach to ensure efficient and trouble-free implementation of your virtual BI solution. We take time to understand your existing IT infrastructure and processes in order to design a tailored implementation strategy for your business. When designing an implementation plan, our primary objective is to deliver your project within the agreed budget and timeframe.

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Step 01

We setup completely secure remote access to your server environment. The remote access solutions used by our experts are tested to meet the most stringent security standards.

Step 02

Our experts then conduct a comprehensive health check of the server. This is done to identify any additional software or service packs that need to be installed prior to the implementation of your BI and data analytics solution.

Step 03

To help you better understand the features and capabilities offered by your BI solution, we provide you a comprehensive project plan that includes detailed information about the solution, as well as project milestones.

Step 04

Once we have installed all the required programs, we install our proprietary BI solution that has been designed specifically for your industry. The solution is tested vigorously to identify any problems prior to commencing any project work.

Step 05

This is the final stage of the process where we provide training to your employees, helping them make the most of the advanced data reporting and analytical capabilities of our BI solution.

Ready to unlock the real value in your data for smarter decision making? Let us offer you a swift and safe start on business intelligence with our time-tested implementation strategy.

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