Your Roadmap to Sustainable Success

A Business Intelligence (BI) solution can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your decision-making process by providing you actionable information at the right time. While the benefits offered by BI solutions are unprecedented,the failure rate for BI projects remains as high as 70 to 80 percent. In addition to this, 52 percent of projects with budgets exceeding $15 million results in cost or schedule overrun.

The failure to achieve strategic results from a BI solution can be attributed to a multitude of factors:
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Dependence on legacy systems and technologies
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Siloed approach towards data analysis and reporting
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Poor data management practices
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Failure to align a BI project with business objectives
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Failure to identify and resolve data quality issues
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Wrong selection of the BI tool

Accelerating Time to Value Using a Collaborative Approach

At Excel in Business, we believe that BI success requires a coordinated effort across the dimensions of people, processes, and technology. Therefore, we ensure engagement and active participation by the client throughout the process.

From developing a comprehensive BI strategy to architecting and deploying a tailored solution, our experts work alongside the client to ensure them a quick, seamless, and profitable experience of investing in a BI and data analytics solution.

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Putting Our Proven Methodology at Work for You

At Excel in Business, we have developed a well-thought strategy to help businesses avoid their pitfalls and ensure successful implementation of their BI solution. Based on an in-depth understanding of the common BI-related challenges faced by businesses, EiB Launch has been designed to help businesses achieve success with their BI initiatives.

EiB Launch is an all-encompassing solution that has been built by our experts keeping all the critical BI success factors under consideration.

Based on an agile, modular approach, EiB Launch offers the following benefits:
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It utilises a combination of top-down and bottom-up approach to increase the accountability and responsibility of senior executives, as well as operational staff.

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The methodology focuses on having change management protocols and supporting processes in place to drive any actions that need to be taken depending on the outcome of data analysis.

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To facilitate easy implementation and swift deployment, EiB Launch leverages the existing IT infrastructure of an enterprise and helps the client select a BI tool that complements their needs.

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EiB Launch focuses on the identification of the right metrics that can help the client monitor and measure performance towards strategic goals and objectives.

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Using a combination of data cleansing, data transformation, and data validation, EiB Launch helps an enterprise overcome data quality issues and gain actionable insights to facilitate smarter decision-making.


By following our proven methodology, we can help you define clear objectives for business intelligence, assess potential risks and challenges, and set the direction for your business’s BI strategy.

To learn more about our BI expertise or to schedule a consultation with our experts,

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