Don’t let inaccurate insights become a liability for your business

Insurance companies handle an enormous volume of data on a daily basis. However, until recently, due to its complexity, this data was just stored or remained dispersed among departments, without a means of providing further insight or value.

According to a recent survey commissioned by PwC, a vast majority of insurance companies still struggle to realise the true benefits of a reliable and intuitive MI solution, due to their silo-based approach towards the problem.


Unlike other BI solutions, EiB Insurance Analytics has been designed to offer ease of use and convenience to all stakeholders, from board members to carriers and shareholders. It not only saves you from the process of gathering, sanitising, and analysing data manually, but also presents the key information in a clean, easy-to-read manner, allowing you to quickly monitor and evaluate your business performance, all without leaving Excel.

Selection of Excel based EiB Insurance Analytics reports 

Selection of Power BI based EiB Insurance Analytics reports 

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