If you are reliant on one person to produce your MI, your business is at serious risk

In today’s economic environment, businesses must use data analysis and business intelligence to make smarter and more intuitive decisions. Yet, too many organisations remain unable to draw actionable insights from their data because their BI tools of choice are too technical for their non-technical users, and they only have one competent person within their organisation owning their MI.

Even with proven and expensive BI tools, this competent Management Information (MI) person is needed each period to run extracts, collate the data, check the results, produce the reports etc.

Businesses today need a true self-service BI and data analytics tool that is easy to use, flexible, and has all the advanced reporting features managers and data analysts need to effectively manage, analyse, and report high volumes and velocities of data1.

EiB AppStudio 2018 Product Screenshots

EiB AppStudio does just that, automating all the vital tasks of producing your MI, so your key staff don’t have to.

With the time savings EiB AppStudio saves you from automating repetitive and complex processes, your MI people can truly add value to your business. EiB AppStudio will even inform them what needs to be corrected in your operational applications to improve the quality of the underlying data, on which your MI is based.

EiB AppStudio 2018 - Example one

A self-service business intelligence and data reporting solution, EiB AppStudio offers businesses the benefit of better adoption and improved usability, while still maintaining significant value and flexibility. As a result, the reporting applications designed using EiB AppStudio can be used with complete ease by non-technical workers as well.

Producing automated system documentation and database documentation from your analytical applications further frees them up to work at your business performance, using EiB ReportStudio to understand where you are winning or losing. Where to invest, where to cut back.

Designing best of breed analytical applications

Technical personnel often look to implement analytical apps based on what a BI product is best at producing in terms of reporting database technology. Some products use Relational Databases as their main repository, others OnLine Analytical Processing (OLAP) or Cube databases and others In Memory databases or ODBC compliant databases.

Like everything in life, there are pros and cons. Our EiB AppStudio technology allows you to take the requirements of the application and flexibly output what is relevant and most appropriate to each application.  There is no silver bullet with BI, but there is the right technology for the right business reporting application. EiB AppStudio provides this flexibility.

EiB Analytics 2018 - EiB AppStudio Demonstration

Self-Service BI Solution for Any User

Whether you are an analyst who wants to explore and visualise data in a more efficient manner or an executive who wants a 360-degree view of business data, EiB AppStudio is a complete self-service solution that has all you need.

Aggregate Databases to Create a Packaged Vertical App

EiB AppStudio allows you to source data from multiple databases and create a more integrated vertical app that can be easily moved from server to server. This can be performed by any non-technical person without the need to code!

An Easy to Deploy, Manage and Use Self-Service BI Tool

EiB AppStudio has been designed to be usable by any user. It offers you flexibility in how you merge data from multiple sources, as well as makes data analysis less complex and more value-generating for non-technical users.

Simplify your approach towards BI with EiB AppStudio — a platform that allows you to develop and deliver user-centric BI applications in a simple, cost-effective manner.

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