Business Intelligence (BI) and data analytics capabilities have made a leap forward in the past few years.

As the volume of data available to businesses has grown exponentially, more sophisticated algorithms and technologies have been introduced to make the processes of data collection, sanitisation, and analysis more efficient and value-generating. But most companies are still capturing only a fraction of the potential value from BI and data analytics due to a number of organisational barriers.

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Data Integration

Businesses collected huge volumes of structured and unstructured data from disparate sources. As a result, collecting, refining, and analysing data that is not similar in structure or source at a reasonable cost and speed remains an enormous challenge for businesses.

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Data Volume

In order to extract business value from their customer and corporate data, businesses need to process huge volumes of data at an acceptable speed so that the required information is available to decision makers when they need it.

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Skills Availability

Business Intelligence (BI) and data analytics have experienced exponential growth in the recent years. With new tools and technologies being introduced at a rapid pace, it has become a challenge for businesses to find individuals who have the skills required to collect data, analyse it, and report the findings or conclusions.

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Legacy System

According to Capgemini Consulting, only 36 percent of businesses are using cloud-based data analytics platforms. Dependence on legacy systems for the collection, processing, and management of data is another factor that keeps businesses from realising the true potential of BI.

Making BI Work

At Excel in Business, we are committed to help businesses make smarter decisions by transforming raw data into actionable insights.

To achieve this objective, we provide businesses of all sizes with a one-stop-solution for their data analysis and reporting needs.

From our industry-specific, feature rich BI and data analytics solution that ensure quick implementation and easy deployment to our tailored online BI training solutions, we offer a number of products and services to help businesses overcome their data-related challenges.

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Let us help you compete in today’s data-driven world with our high-performance BI solutions built specifically for your industry.

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