EiB Analytics + Power BI Provides the Ideal Solution for Delivering Analytical Applications.

COVID-19 Power BI App

To showcase EiB applications and our expertise available to your BI projects, we have developed a FREE Covid 19 tracking application using just Power BI, Excel 365 and EiB knowhow.

Finance Power BI App

EiB has released an “out of the box” fully automated Power BI application for its EiB Financial Analytics – Sage 200 product. See how it could be used on your Financial data to cut reporting costs and improve analysis and auditability.

Microsoft’s Power BI is a phenomenon in the reporting world.

In a short but dynamic history, Microsoft’s BI technology stack (including the more recent Power BI) has taken Gartner’s magic quadrant by storm and established Microsoft as the clear market leader against excellent established BI vendors such as Qlik and Tableau.

EiB Analytics applications are based on the Microsoft BI technologies of Excel 365, Azure Analysis Services, Azure DB, SQL Server & SQL Server Analysis Services and can be Power BI web and mobile enabled, nigh on instantly. Take your EiB application just install the Power BI Standard Gateway and your ready to go! Develop once, deploy anywhere – analytical application nirvana.

Live Example

All data enhanced using EiB Analytics and published using Power BI

EiB Analytics + Power BI offers the fastest and most cost effective combination to deliver complex industry reporting apps simply and robustly. 
The table below shows the added value both applications can deliver to your business when deployed together.

FunctionalityEiB AnalyticsPower BIEiB Analytics + Power BI
ONE visual development environment for all analytical applications, reducing development complexity and costYesYes
Software based 100% on Microsoft technologies of C#, Azure, SQL Server, Excel 365 and Power BIYesYesYes
Full ability to proactively source application data through FTP and Web data operational sourcesYesYes
Loading of any data from multiple data sourcesYesYesYes
Complex calculation and time-series analysesYesPartiallyYes
Ability to embed user defined report groupings e.g post code analysis, expense code analysis, age band analysis etc to maximize effectiveness when monitoring business performance.YesYes
Inbuilt handling of underlying data errors and data cleansing procedures. Embedded audit trail to reconcile operational data and rejected data to MI databases.YesYes
Flexible reporting database output to DataMart (OLAP), Data Warehouse (SQL) or CSV, Excel formatsYesPartiallyYes
Comprehensive print quality and formatted reporting from ExcelYesPartiallyYes
Massively scalable and adhoc reporting from within ExcelYesPartiallyYes
Data entry, budgeting and planning capabilitiesYesYes
Full documentation of application system design, databases and data martsYesYes
Ability to deploy all reporting content through interactive web and mobile solutionsPartiallyYesYes
Ability to automate static report packs through web, email and PDF outputYesPartiallyYes
Full automation and scheduling of all processes for unattended MI applicationsYesYes
Rapid support for application switching across multiple environments e.g Dev, Live and SupportYesYes
Azure & hosting optionsYesYesYes
Lowest TCE & known upfront costsYesYesYes

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