Competitive edge can only be gained through analytics

Research suggests that investing in a BI solution not only offers financial benefits, but can also help a business make faster and more accurate decisions2. Considering these financial and strategic benefits, more businesses are investing in BI solutions. But despite the increasing adoption of BI and analytics software, the failure rate of BI projects remains as high as 70 to 80%.

Here are a few pitfalls that might cause your analytics endeavour to fall short:

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Abandoning Spreadsheets

A fancy new BI tool sure looks good, but abandoning your current financial reporting tools completely is a mistake. Your users may eventually resort back to what they are comfortable with, leading to a lower adoption rate of your new BI investment.

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Too Many KPIs

KPIs are essential to track success and failures, but too many of them can make the routine BI tasks more laborious and time-consuming. To minimise complexity, you need a solution that focuses on KPIs that deliver you the most valuable information on a clean, user-friendly dashboard.

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Poor-Quality Data

Unstructured, poor-quality data is one of the biggest woes of any data analyst. Poor-quality data not only requires more time and efforts for sanitisation, but the presence of outliers and noise may also influence the accuracy of your decisions. So, how do you address the problem? By investing in a solution that offers you value-added data sanitisation and visualisation features.

It is a complete BI platform developed using our two-self-service business intelligence and data analytics solutions— EiB AppStudio and EiB ReportStudio.

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EiB AppStudio

Businesses can create their own reporting apps personalised according to the data reporting needs and skills of their employees.

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EiB ReportStudio

On the other hand, allows you to create comprehensive reports and perform ad-hoc analyses without leaving the familiar user interface of Excel. Together, these two intuitive MI tools make EiB Analytics the perfect BI and data analytics solution for a wide spectrum of industries.

Invest in our best-of-breed business intelligence software today and use data-driven insights to make faster, more accurate business decisions.