What is all the fuss about?

IBM recently estimated the yearly cost of poor quality data in 2016 was a staggering $3.1 trillion – and that was just in the US alone. Meanwhile, Experian’s research showed that inaccurate data affects the bottom line of some 88 percent of organisations, causing them to lose as much as 12 percent of their revenues.

Despite these worrying statistics, it is very unlikely that your current ‘out-of-the-box’ BI solution will be addressing the ongoing issue of erroneous data, meaning that the integrity of data being used to make your strategic business decisions is most likely flawed.

The impact of bad data on business efficiency
The Hidden Data Factory - EiB Analytics 2018

And what about business logic? Well, given that so many BI solutions currently adopt a ‘one size fits’ all approach, this inevitably hinders their ability to adequately deliver actionable business insight across a range of verticals.

For example, it is not hard to understand that there are irrefutable differences between the insurance industry and the hotel industry, or the financial industry and the pharmaceutical industry. Specific market domain expertise and business logic are the missing links most BI solutions possess, in order to deliver actionable business insights rather than generate more inaccurate reports that lead to “paralysis by analysis.”

But what if there was a solution which actually focused on a specific domain, automating the analysis process, to essentially create a “virtual expert analyst“ that knows what to look for within a specific market segment and present that to the end user in a clear, concise and accurate way…

The solution is…

Train of Thought Analysis

In a business landscape full of data, and of strategies to get value from that data, there is still room for basic human creativity, and using the brain to follow hunches and explore a ‘train of thought’.
Explore any point on interest within the cube, to unleash ad-hoc analyses of the entirety of your data
Save your new points of interest, so you can reproduce your reports again at a click of a button
If another user wants to explore the same points of interest within your data as you, they are now able do so without having to reproduce a new report. Quickly, easily and intuitively
Analyse data from any tabular data source, including databases, spreadsheets and text files, and add detailed insight by building upon both tabular and multi-dimensional reports. 
EiB Analytics Train of Thought Analysis

Seamless Integration With PowerBI

The Best Mobile and Web Data Visualisation Experience on the Market…
Natively integrates into the Microsoft stack
Compatible with ALL EiB Analytics Applications
Deployable on ALL devices including all iOS and Android tablets and phones
Complements Excel EiB ReportStudio
Cause and effect intelligence, empowering you to explore business correlations instantaneously
EiB Analytics 2018 PowerBI Integration

Fully Secure & GDPR Compliant

Complete peace of mind that your compliance risks are being managed and appropriate mitigation is in-place to ensure your business leverages the best value out of your data, without it becoming a liability rather than a competitive edge.
No need to exclude all customer sensitive data from the application. Selectively encrypt customer sensitive data
Use passphrase based encryption to enable controlled decryption when required
Full TLS1.2 support now ensures you are fully PCI compliant when accessing your business data via ReportStudio
Multi versioning and password protection now ensures no unauthorised changes to sensitive workbooks in the gallery
All EiB gallery content is automatically encrypted and compressed to minimise network traffic and avoid unwanted access to your reports 
EiB Analytics 2018 - GDPR, PCI Compliance, Secure hosting.

Customisable User Interface

Calibrate your EiB Analytics UX to suit the needs of the organisation and your users.
Easily locate your reports, with our new suite of personalised icons
Collapsable report criteria, optimising the space on your reports and improving navigability
Version controlled report menus, empowering you to create, access and manage multiple versions of your reports at a click of a button
EiB Analytics 2018 Customisable User Interface

Enhanced Budgeting and Forecasting Capabilities

No more manual repetition. Much more modelling future performance.
Automatically generate new budgets and forecasts using pre-defined criteria
Manually add and manipulate data within your reports for real-time analysis
EiB Financial Analytics is the ONLY Sage focused reporting solution for Sage 200, Sage 500/1000 and Sage X3
EiB Analytics 2018 - Budgeting & Forecasting

Azure Integration & Hosting

Line of business applications can now be hosted on EiB’s Microsoft’s Azure platform.
No on premise infrastructure required
Microsoft and EiB software updates automatically applied
Secure connections either directly or through VPN


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