Do you need to create comprehensive reports and analyse vast amounts of data in a timely manner?

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Well now you can, with EiB ReportStudio, and all without leaving Excel.

Timely access to data and ability to conduct ad-hoc analysis in an efficient manner are two critical needs that affect an organisation’s decision-making capabilities. While there are a number of BI and reporting solutions available that allow businesses to collect, analyse, and report data, most of them are too complex to be used by the end-user.

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Self-service BI solutions have emerged as a viable solution for businesses that are struggling with their BI initiatives.

According to Gartner, self-service BI platforms are likely to make up 80% of all enterprise reporting by 2020 because of their flexibility, ease of use, and functionality1.

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Excel in Business aims to help businesses take their data reporting capabilities to a whole new level with our intuitive self-service reporting solution.

Designed to make data analysis and reporting a more user-friendly process, EiB ReportStudio can be easily used by non-technical users as well. As a result, it not only improves the efficiency of data analysis, but also saves the cost of expensive training associated with any traditional BI and data reporting solution.

Making the transition from data to insights simpler and more efficient

EiB ReportStudio is a self-service analytics and business intelligence suite that has been designed to simplify data aggregation, reporting, and analysis. Whether you are a manager looking to identify bottlenecks to optimise team performance or an executive who needs a high-level overview of business performance, EiB ReportStudio allows you to create comprehensive reports and perform data analytics without leaving Excel.

Begin enriching your company’s BI with EiB Report Studio.

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EiB ReportStudio combines the ease offered by Excel with advanced reporting capabilities of enterprise-grade applications to offer you a complete solution for your data reporting needs. To fulfil the needs of today’s on-the-go business users, EiB ReportStudio allows you to deliver a dashboard, report, ad-hoc analysis on premise, as well as in the cloud from any device.

With this self-service analytics and reporting solution, your employees can:

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Use their existing knowledge and experience of using Microsoft Excel to create, edit, and analyse comprehensive reports

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Save the time they would have otherwise spent on collecting data from multiple sources and spend it on data analysis and interpretation.

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Design customised reports to provide you instant visibility across your business.

Furthermore, EiB ReportStudio allows you to modernise your information architecture, providing your employees with efficient, hassle-free access to data. This, in turn, will enable faster and smarter decision-making and provide your business with a valuable edge over your competitors.

Empower users at all levels of your organisation to analyse and report data within the familiar boundaries of Excel with EiB ReportStudio —a self-service data visualisation and analytics application designed for your business.