Today’s modern enterprise captures huge volumes of data about their customers, prospects, suppliers, competitors, and internal business processes on a daily basis. The sheer volume of data and disparate sources from which it is collected makes it an impossible task for many businesses to leverage this flood of data and convert it into actionable information.

Made For Your Needs

If you are considering investing in business intelligence software, selecting the right BI tool that’s the best fit for your company is critical to the long-term success of your BI project. To experience the true potential of data analytics and get a good return on your investment, you also need a BI solution that’s tailor-made for your industry.

At Excel in Business, we specialise in developing bespoke BI and analytics solutions that are fashioned to your specific requirements. Whether you need a solution that offers you real-time BI and KPI monitoring or you are looking for a tool with advanced data integration and reporting capabilities, our team of developers boast the skills and expertise to design and build a custom BI solution for your business.

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From insurance and shipping companies and banks to hotels and non-profit organisations, we can deliver bespoke financial reporting and analysis tools to businesses operating across a wide spectrum of industries, including:

How It Works

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Data is read directly from your operational databases
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and is stored in a secure, robust enterprise datamart
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Using Microsoft’s Azure or SQL Server Analysis Services.
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End users then access this data through EiB ReportStudio, Excel and Power BI

…Excel Add-in, to run powerful, interactive reports and dashboards which are intuitive to use and easy to create.

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Why Opt for Our

Bespoke BI and Financial Reporting Software?

EiB Launch We have innovated a unique implementation approach that ensures you a quick and seamless deployment of your BI solution. Using our proprietary implementation methodology, we ensure you that your application will deliver you high-quality results, whilst saving you time and money.

Flexibility We understand that a transition from spreadsheets to a complex BI solution can prove to be really cumbersome. Therefore, we have designed our data analytics solution in such a way that they offer you a complete reporting environment within Excel, promising you ease of use and convenience.

Features Despite their simple construction and user-friendly interface, our solutions have all the features you may ask for in an enterprise-grade BI solution. From data integration and sanitisation to KPI monitoring and reporting, our BI solutions serve all your data analysis and reporting needs in an efficient and effective manner.

Let us revolutionise the way you work with our powerful BI solutions that will turn your enterprise into a smarter, data-driven business. Contact us today.