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"I would recommend EiB to anybody in the insurance industry, who needs to look at their MI data in an easy, simplistic way"

Craig Richardson, Line Underwriter Antilo UK Ltd.

Core Business

Antilo UK Ltd was founded in 2014 and specialises in niche motor insurance, predominantly within the Taxi environment.

Reporting Background

When Antilo first started delivering MI prior to EiB Insurance Analytics, both Premiums and Claims data feeds were manually downloaded into Excel Pivot Tables before being distributed to their management team and their carrier. This process happened on a monthly basis and was not only time consuming, it was also dependent on key staff to deliver. “Now that process is fully automated using EiB Insurance Analytics, everyone gets reliable information at a touch of a button” says Vivienne Gilroy, Principle Underwriter at Antilo.

“In addition, the scalability of EiB Insurance Analytics allows us to take a more granular approach to reporting and we can now deliver full daily based performance reports and analyses. This instils confidence in our results both internally and with our external carrier. We can drill down from year to quarter to month to days in seconds for any given underwriting year, or view trends across multiple years of account.”

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“Insurers live and die by their data. If you don’t deliver good results, then you won’t be here tomorrow” adds Viv.  “If you haven’t got confidence in your information, then you may as well not have any information at all.”  One of the key benefits of the EiB Insurance Analytics software, is it can be accessed from anywhere in the world utilizing the investment in Antilo’s cloud based hosting infrastructure.

EiB Insurance Analytics Solution & Approach:

Craig Richardson, Line Underwriter and MI analyst adds “With EiB Insurance Analytics, Antilo can produce reports and analyses over any criteria we or our carrier chooses such as Age Bands, Region, Post Code, Broker, NCB, Vehicle Make etc Any erroneous or bad data is picked up and highlighted by EiB Insurance Analytics automatically. This provides sanity checks on our information and allows Antilo to verify the integrity of our MI at all times before it is distributed.”

EiB Insurance Analytics can leverage and add ROI to any Premiums / Claims data such as Antilo’s Transactor insurance platform and transform this information into a fully “black boxed” MI application based on your requirements. Using our EiB AppStudio visual application software and our EiB Launch consulting methodology, both timescales and costs are dramatically reduced from traditional Business Intelligence or Dashboarding tools.

EiB Antilo UK Ltd Page - Laptop

Craig Richardson Concludes

“‘EiB have got a great product with Insurance Analytics. They can definitely deliver something invaluable for the future of the industry. It’s going to help insurance companies review their figures, and gain competitive advantage by maximizing their position at the forefront of technology”