Management Information in the Insurance Industry

The landscape of insurance MI in the insurance industry

Understanding the Landscape of MI in the Insurance Industry: An Infographic

BIBA always presents the perfect opportunity to engage with the full spectrum of stakeholders from across the insurance industry, and find out exactly what is happening in the MI space. This year we conducted a survey of over 100 incumbents from brokers, underwriters, MGAs, InsurTech, insurers and reinsurers, and delved a little deeper into the MI behaviour of the sector to find out how the industry is adapting to such a significant digital transformation, as we enter

EiB Insights 002 - How to transform raw Premiums and Claims bordereau into competitive Insurance Management Information

EiB Insights 002: How to Transform Raw Premiums and Claims Bordereau into Competitive Insurance MI

In a data and analytics survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, only 13% of insurers surveyed identified enterprise-wide data management and warehousing as a significant strength in their organisation, while 82% ranked data and analytics as a top strategic priority. So, while increasingly more insurance companies continue to invest in modernising their technology architecture, as a means of embracing the cultural shift to a digital age, most still find their efforts have

EiB Insights 001 - Calculating Written vs. Earned Premium

EiB Insights Series 1: Management Information (MI) in the Insurance Industry

EiB Insights is a series of bite-size videos curated by Excel in Business’ Managing Director, Paul Martin. As the InsurTech revolution continues to evolve, with exciting new technological advances disrupting and evolving the industry, for many organisations, embracing a digitally driven future is not a straight forward proposition. The first EiB Insights series seeks to explore the real World issues and challenges which businesses operating in the Insurance industry face, within an