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Expert Opinion 003 - What it really means to be data-driven

Expert Opinion 03: What it really means to be data-driven

“I was once asked by a CIO to help him present to his board, on why they wanted to become data-driven. After 5 minutes of my planned 10 minute presentation (that lasted about 30 minutes) a board member and I concluded that based on what we had heard outside that meeting, they didn’t want to become data driven– they wanted to become customer-driven.” To be data-driven is a dangerous catch phrase. Data, or even technology, for its own sake without a

Expert Opinion 02 - The Cost of Innovation in Finance & Accounting - People or Technology?

Expert Opinion 02: The Cost of Innovation in Finance and Accounting: People or Technology?

Andy Bottrill, Regional VP at leading financial close solution ‘BlackLine’,  discusses the collective role which people and technology have to play, in the ever-changing finance function of the future. Finance and accounting is an industry of traditional standards; calculators, spreadsheets and manual input are all part of peoples’ daily routines. However, whilst these tools have supported many people throughout their accounting careers, a lot of processes are no longer fit for the digital age, and businesses must innovate to remain competitive. The biggest struggle