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5 Top InsurTech Prophecies for 2018

2018 is already well underway, and for the Insurance industry this could prove to be one of their most exciting years yet. How so? Because of the InsurTech revolution… Until recently, insurance has been a virtual island in a sea of technological change. While innovators began disrupting banking and wealth management during the FinTech boom, which preceded the financial crash in 2008 — not to mention also completely transforming the music, travel, taxis and booking industries — insurance was happy to

EiB Insights 003: Data Validation and Erroneous Data

EiB Insights 003: Data Validation and Erroneous Data

The last instalment in our EiB Insights series, explored how our EiB Insurance Analytics solution allows you to access your raw premiums and claims bordereau and automatically transform this into powerful MI, without the arduous task of manually handling your data. Our focus now turns to the pertinent topic of what happens when your raw data is in fact erroneous data. After all, if the base data is flawed, then regardless of