Self-Service Analytics

The Answer isn’t just BI Tools, nor is it just Excel, It’s Excel +

The answer isn’t just BI tools, nor is it just Excel, It’s Excel + …

It’s that reporting time of the year, which means you’re most probably looking down the barrel of at least a few tedious days going line by line through data sets, trying to get a semblance of a picture of health for the powers that be. Say hello to your trusty friend Excel, that all-pervasive tool of data crunching that we all know, love and sometimes hate! And because we’re all so familiar with Excel, we’re also wise to its issues –

Is a self-service analytics application right for your business

Are self-service analytics applications right for your business? Here are 8 questions to ask yourself to find out.

Today, even with innovations in, BI software, financial reporting, management reporting and self-service analytics applications, monitoring every aspect of your business is still too complicated. It’s essential for you to use the right tools to track your business performance effectively, yet there are dozens of different software applications and approaches on the market, making choices confusing, complicated and all too often costly – especially as your user population grows. With the majority of businesses trying to manage and present data from