Excel in Business are proud to announce the launch of EiB Analytics 2018, the latest evolution of our hybrid analytics and business reporting application which has helped revolutionise Management Information (MI) for over 100 companies worldwide.

So to celebrate the launch of EiB Analytics 2018, we are hosting a FREE one day conference for our partners and prospects on Wednesday 25th April at CitizenM Tower Bridge between 9.30am – 4.30pm. Complimentary lunch and refreshments provided.

Management Information is Management Information right ? Well no actually. Every industry has it’s nuances and specific requirements focused on business logic that matches their particular needs. Standard BI tools don’t cope with this well.

♦ Discover how our new software solution EIB Analytics 2018 can deliver such reporting apps for your industry in record timescales and deploy in your tools of choice – Power BI and Excel.

♦ See how for the first time, data errors can be trapped and qualified by EiB Analytics to ensure your MI is truly accurate. We make data quality issues our issues with flexible error handling routines.

♦ Hear from several of our existing clients, who will be providing a real life case study on how they’ve already leveraged EiB Analytics to positively transform their business.

Why Opt For EiB Analytics 2018

  • Centralised

    Centralised Everything you need in one place; Excel, EiB Analytics, SQL Server, PowerBI Desktop and Gateway.
  • Enterprise Grade Infrastructure

    Enterprise Grade Infrastructure Our performance focussed configuration includes a 64bit, multi-processor, Fast Disks (O/S on SSD) with 14GB of memory on Terminal Servers and 28GB on database servers.
  • Security Built-In

    Security Built-In With Windows and SQL Server security built-in, you can have complete peace of mind that your data is secure.
  • Scalable

    Scalable Our EiB hosted solution, comes with scalability built-in, for both application and databases servers, so we can quickly add new templated servers at any time.
  • Reliable

    Reliable With all software updates applied automatically for Windows, SQL Server, Excel and EiB Analytics, and regular back-ups of both your databases and cubes, our hosted solution is as reliable as they come.

To register your FREE place at our EiB Analytics 2018 Conference

+44 (0) 20-7788-7671 or email at [email protected].