"EiB Analytics has revolutionised our Sage 200 reporting process….. the functionality is simply fantastic."

Tanjas Willis, Finance Director.

Core Business

TEG Group is in the vanguard of organic waste technology, with the capability to deliver tailored organic waste solutions for a wide variety of wastes including; Kitchen and garden waste, Food waste from catering or manufacturing companies, Source segregated MSW (Municipal Solid Waste), Green Waste, and Category 3 APB (Animal By-Product) Waste. TEG Group is delivering scalable, adaptable in-vessel composting (IVC) and anaerobic digestion (AD) solutions which are tailored to suit individual requirements and budgets. TEG Group can also develop market outlets for the compost produced by its plants via TEG’s sister company, NOFCO (The Natural Organic Fertiliser Company).

Reporting Background:

Prior to the installation of EiB Analytics,the monthly reporting process at TEG Group was complex and required the extraction of detailed Trial Balancesfrom Sage 200 into multiple Excel spreadsheets. With no direct integration with Sage 200,management reportingwas manual, time consumingand error prone. Once the detailedinformationarrivedin Excel, tailored reports for TEG’s subsidiaries and TEG plc werethenmanually constructed and delivered.

“Our whole period end reporting process would previously take 4 to 5 days, including lots of keying of checks and balances between Sage 200 and Excel, plus the manual inclusionof the monthly management commentary”,says Tanja Willis, Finance Director for the TEG Group plc.“Reporting across TEG Group plc,plus our four subsidiaries by cost Centre, had evolved over the years, with the sheer volume of information and presentation requiring on going maintenance as our business continued to grow.The reporting process was supported by our Management Accountant and myself, and without our manual involvement in the previous process,the presentation of our results could have been catastrophic”, adds Tanja.

EiB Financial Analytics Intelligence Solution :

With the EiB Analytics Financial Reporting and Cross Company Reporting modules installed, the reporting at TEG has changed completely. We now have instant information at period end with numerous P&L’s,BalanceSheets and Group wide reporting readily available, without any need for re-typing or manual cross checking.”

Improvement and Benefits:

“EiB Analytics has revolutionised our Sage 200 reporting and has already reduced our monthly reporting cycle by over 50%” continues Tanja. “As I become more familiar with the product , my objective is to furher this to a 75% reduction in time savings alone.

Any changes andJournals can be seen immediately with the use of comprehensive ‘Drilldown’ functionality within EiB Analytics. This includes analysis rightback to the underlying transactions. In addition, the recently installed Report Distribution module has automated the distribution of monthly reports to our plc,subsidiary board members and site managers. We now avoidthe need to manually collate and e-mail reports to 17 different report consumers, leaving me and my team with more time and greater confidence in the entire process. Accuracy of reporting is naturally any Finance Director’s principal concern; therefore, I would certainly recommend EiB Analyticsto other organisations, the functionality is simply fantastic.”

EiB Analytics Deployment:

“The implementation process was very smooth and effortless, with no disruption to our day-to-day business. Excel in Business carried out the setup remotely, which worked really well for me as I have a busy schedule and my involvement was therefore minimal.The subsequent support response from Excel in Business has been great, no problem is ever too small or too large, I cannot compliment their team highly enough.”

Final Opinion of Eib Analytics:

“Although it is a cliché, time is money, and it is the time saving that I have found to be of the greatest benefits to me and our business.”