"Given the complexity of our customer base and the products we sell, the EiB solution has simplified our reporting to literally a touch of a button."

Jan Briggs, Financial Controller.

Core Business

SIGVARIS Britain LTD are part of a global group of companies, privately owned in Switzerland. They distribute their own manufactured medical compression hosiery to the medical industry, supplying the NHS, private hospitals, specialist clinics, hospices, end-user. Their products are available on prescription, so a large part of our sales is to pharmaceutical wholesalers and pharmacies direct.

Reporting Background:

“Standard reporting in Sage 200 just didn’t give us the level of sales reporting that our Business Development Managers needed to truly understand their territories. We wanted a depth of detail, reported by various criteria, on a monthly and year to date basis, and the criteria we needed was not able to be used within the standard reporting nor the BI module of Sage 200.

To produce what we needed for our sales team, several reports had to be run within Sage & exported to Excel, after which multiple sorting and V-Lookups had to be carried out to compile several reports to show sales by territory, sales by postcode and sales by customer. This process required a staff member with considerable Excel skills, great attention to detail and accuracy, and above all… a lot of time!”

“It would take at least a full day’s work to produce and present the figures in this way, and  then that information had to be emailed to the sales team. Any query on any of the results by a member of the sales team, then had to be thoroughly investigated by tracing the source of the data to explain or justify the report. As the company grew and the sales increased, the sales team needed more and increasingly more detailed information to make their business plans and drill down to bottom level information in what is a somewhat complex customer base.”

Improvement & Benefits:

“The EiB solution was a revelation! The standard ‘out of the box’ financial reporting, was a bonus, as this wasn’t the first requirement of a new reporting solution. We are thrilled with the ability to look at, not only the basic P&L, but to drill down into the sales and costs at a touch of a button and to quickly analyse where we need to make changes. It also enables us to report to our Group in an easy and concise way, not only the basics but the underlying detail, quickly and accurately.”

EiB Insurance Analytics can leverage and add ROI to any Premiums / Claims data such as Antilo’s Transactor insurance platform and transform this information into a fully “black boxed” MI application based on your requirements. Using our EiB AppStudio visual application software and our EiB Launch consulting methodology, both timescales and costs are dramatically reduced from traditional Business Intelligence or Dashboarding tools.

“The original mandate for sales reporting has been exceeded in the extreme. Now we’re not only able to produce the original reports, but the ‘drill-down’ on these reports enables the sales team to analyse their sales, focus on the areas and customers that are not fulfilling their expectations  and even check that what they imagine is happening in terms of orders, is true.

Being able to compare year to year or month to month in a dynamic way, has been an amazing additional bonus we weren’t expecting. The value of having access to this level of detail, even daily if they want, is invaluable  and in no small part the reason why our sales graph is rising. Our National Sales Manager can now monitor the team results and thus focus on helping and improving any areas that may not be achieving their full potential, quickly and easily.”

Jan Briggs adds:

“Given the complexity of our customer base and the products we sell, the EiB solution has simplified our reporting to literally a touch of a button.We have also been extremely impressed by the tenacity of the EiB consultant, who met the challenge head on and didn’t stop until he had mastered the complexities and produced not only what we wanted, but even more than we expected. He did such a good job, in fact, that we are currently considering commissioning even more complex reports and have every confidence that these will be deliverable too.”