EiB Client Case Studies: NYK - laptop

"The ability to remap the ShipNet chart of accounts to SAP groupings used by NYK global for reporting purposes is a major benefit of using EiB Analytics."

Sayaka Yamazaki

Core Business

Prior to the implementation of EiB Analytics,the reporting processat NYK Linewas extremely labour and resource intensive.It requiredthe extraction of informationfrom the ShipNet Accounting System (SNACs)using Crystal Reportsinto Excel, from which complex Pivot Tables were then producedand hostedfor each profit centre. NYK Group uses SAP as itsmajor ERP across all its businesses,so additional mappings needed to be created within Crystal Reportsto match the Pivot Tables to the correct SAP based revenue analysis statements.

“Profit centres would then often modify / copy the Pivot Tables to createadditional user views of the data. This was not only costly in terms of time and effort, but also incurred reduced flexibility of what managers could analyse, for instance time series analysis was simply not possible”, stated Sayaka Yamazaki, BPM Team. “By introducing EiB Analytics we aim to automate this process, provide better reporting flexibility and to make our Financial information available to a much wider audience”.

Reporting Background:

NYK Line -Nippon Yusen Kaisha. Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK Line) is a leading global shipping company, offering premium transport services while maintaining uppermost standards for safety and quality of service.

EiB Client Case Studies: NYK - mac

EiB Financial Analytics SNACs Solution :

“With EiB Analytics, our users can now get up to date information themselves on a self-service basis. The information can be analysed flexibly by major and minor account groupings and all the reports are in Excel which they are familiar with.EiB Analytics also produces all final output in Japanese, a key requirement for NYK

EiB Insurance Analytics can leverage and add ROI to any Premiums / Claims data such as Antilo’s Transactor insurance platform and transform this information into a fully “black boxed” MI application based on your requirements. Using our EiB AppStudio visual application software and our EiB Launch consulting methodology, both timescales and costs are dramatically reduced from traditional Business Intelligence or Dashboarding tools.