From insurance and shipping, to professional services and banking, we can provide a complete hosting environment for your enterprise, so all you need to focus on is driving smarter business decisions.


Many of our Customers who are growing rapidly, are 100% focused on business development, but do not have the time or inclination to investigate what their optimum IT infrastructure to be. In addition, there is the ever growing demand to securely provide access from anywhere on any device.

EiB leverages Microsoft Azure hosting services at every level from product through to services. EiB Analytics is engineered to have its front end in Excel yet access data securely in Azure DB or Azure Tabular models over a secure direct or VPN connection. Updates to Microsoft and EiB software just happen, as do backups and disaster recovery.

Because of the hosting location options offered by Microsoft are extensive, then EiB can also handle hosting your information at a location that is acceptable  and fully compatible to national security or industry security legislation. You grow your business, we’ll provide secure hosted apps in order to drive it!

Developed For Your Needs

A flexible and reliable infrastructure is the foundation for running business-critical applications.

So for companies looking to leverage the most out of their data, without added hardware and infrastructure costs, EiB Hosted Analytics provides the ideal secure, cloud-based hosting environment for our suite of EiB Analytics solutions to flourish.

Our cloud-based ecosystem will not only be advantageous for streamlining your enterprise BI, but it will also prove invaluable for both your data warehousing and analytics capabilities. Guaranteeing a consistent environment for the deployment of your enterprise-wide applications, which are inherently scalable, EiB Hosted Analytics provides generous capacity for growing data sources, analytics workloads and enhancing departmental BI.

So while we manage your infrastructure – the technology, hardware, and network to ensure your systems are always running at optimal performance, you’ll be able to focus all your efforts on turning your data into actionable insights.

EiB Hosted Analytics Solution Architecture

EiB EiB Hosted Analytics - Hosting Solution Architecture
  • Centralised

    Centralised Everything you need in one place; Excel, EiB Analytics, SQL Server, PowerBI Desktop and Gateway.
  • Enterprise Grade Infrastructure

    Enterprise Grade Infrastructure Our performance focussed configuration includes a 64bit, multi-processor, Fast Disks (O/S on SSD) with 14GB of memory on Terminal Servers and 28GB on database servers.
  • Security Built-In

    Security Built-In With Windows and SQL Server security built-in, you can have complete peace of mind that your data is secure.
  • Scalable

    Scalable Our EiB hosted solution, comes with scalability built-in, for both application and databases servers, so we can quickly add new templated servers at any time.
  • Reliable

    Reliable With all software updates applied automatically for Windows, SQL Server, Excel and EiB Analytics, and regular back-ups of both your databases and cubes, our hosted solution is as reliable as they come.

EiB Launch We have innovated a unique implementation approach that ensures you a quick and seamless deployment of your BI solution. Using our proprietary implementation methodology, we ensure you that your application will deliver you high-quality results, whilst saving you time and money.

Flexibility We understand that a transition from spreadsheets to a complex BI solution can prove to be really cumbersome. Therefore, we have designed our data analytics solution in such a way that they offer you a complete reporting environment within Excel, promising you ease of use and convenience.

Features Despite their simple construction and user-friendly interface, our solutions have all the features you may ask for in an enterprise-grade BI solution. From data integration and sanitisation to KPI monitoring and reporting, our BI solutions serve all your data analysis and reporting needs in an efficient and effective manner.

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