“At the end of the day, the difference between successful and unsuccessful shipping companies will be the use of information. Those with comprehensive management information will monitor cost and optimize performance of their businesses more effectively.”

Capt. Steve Huvane, Heidmar Shipping

EiB Financial Analytics for ShipNet

Dramatically reduce period end reporting timescales, whilst increasing accuracy, flexibility and auditability of all your financial information, at just the click of a button

EiB Financial Analytics for ShipNet has been developed for the very purpose of alleviating such challenges.

Providing an open, integrated and highly scalable self-service analytics platform, EiB Financial Analytics for ShipNet delivers the very best in Financial Reporting directly from your ShipNet Accounting system (SNACs), offering fully integrated Reporting, Dashboards and Forecasting analyses.

So, if you’re looking to automate your entire SNACs Financial Management

without any of the usual costs and without the abundance of days taken to manually collate, consolidate and present period end information, then look no further than EiB Financial Analytics for ShipNet.

Revolutionise financial reporting for your business, with EiB Financial Analytics for ShipNet — an intelligent financial reporting solution developed exclusively for forward-thinking shipping companies.