So How Many Boxes Do You Tick?

Taking too long to produce Management Information each period

Unable to accurately calculate earned and loss ratios vital to your business

Concerns with information accuracy caused by potential data source errors

MI does not reflect how you want to measure the business

Massive dependency on key resources to produce and check MI

Impossible to provide breakdown by Class, Sub-Class, Region, Claims Type ...


EiB Insurance Analytics works with your premiums and claims information to make your monthly MI reporting automated, accurate and auditable.

All whilst allowing the end user to use their preferred choice of software, Excel.

Save Days

Automated Management Information saves days on your reporting every period. Underwriters writing business, not writing Excel spreadsheets.

Accuracy and Full Auditability

Information you can trust and audit. Self 'heal' your data with advance error trapping and reporting, improving accuracy and trust.

Instant ROI

Access key metrics vital to your business and see trends you couldn't easily before. Loss Ratios, Earned Premium, Incurred Claims...

Industry Endorsed

"The jewel in the crown is the validation and highlighting of bad data. This has improved and will continue to improve the integrity of our MI."
- Garry Watson, CEO Walsingham Motor Insurance Ltd

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