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Applications Driven by Business
Not Technology

Excel in Business understands that reporting applications should be driven by the analysis of your data you want, not constrained by what any system allows you to do.

AppSuite gives you the reporting applications you need, in Excel, from any and multiple data sources, faster and more cost effective than anything else.

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How does it work?

Using our unique graphical interface in A La Carte AppStudio, our consultants, 3rd parties, or your staff, can easily create fully documented reporting apps ...

Using absolutely Zero Code.

This means apps are built faster and more cost effective than ever before and can be modified and adapted very easily, by us or you.

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Evolve Your App

A reporting application is never finished, not really. Things move on, your business evolves, requirements change and so should your apps.

Professional Excel reports and dashboards designed for your apps can be added and changed with our ReportStudio module.

Set up reports to run each month or quickly create ‘disposable’ reports to get the information you need there and then.

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To help you avoid unnecessary costs, avoid pitfalls and get a head start in understanding how to implement effective performance management applications, we have created this Free guide.

It contains the essential information you need to know about self service analytics and how you can revolutionise the way you manage and report on your business.

The 5 simple steps to your complete
reporting application

  • Select data from any source & format

  • Combine multiple data sources into a single consistent output

  • Apply powerful time intelligence to combine daily and quarterly data

  • Add calculated fields to your application

  • Create a fully documented OLAP cube of your data

  • Schedule your output to automatically update

  • Powerful, interactive reports which are intuitive to use and easy to create

  • Fully dynamic data visualisation. Allow the user to control interactive dashboards from multiple data sources

  • Automate your monthly report packs

  • Email, print or save them at a touch of a button

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A La Carte AppSuite is available as a complete package or as individual modules.