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More than Just Data

A self service reporting application is not just loading data and hoping the
business logic needed to make it sensible for users, magically happens!
What is the solution when:

  • You have data from multiple data sources or different types?
  • Each data source has a different periodicity e.g. days, weeks, months, which needs to be combined?
  • Your app requires analysis groupings which simply don’t exist in the underlying base data e.g. regions, product groups etc?

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The Solution

A La Carte AppStudio handles the above real world complexities with ease, allowing you to add your business domain knowledge into each and every app.

Output results to self documenting, industry standard, SQL reporting databases or Microsoft OLAP datamarts which can easily be consumed by popular reporting tools such as our own ReportStudio
or 3rd party business intelligence products or standard Microsoft PivotTables.

Save literally 0,000’s by reducing the effort and manpower required to develop, deliver and document your apps!

Take the challenge!

Want to know if your reporting application is possible with AppStudio?
We want you to challenge us to build a demo of your app.

Take the AppChallenge and see.


"Less than 10 percent of self-service BI initiatives will be governed sufficiently
to prevent inconsistencies that adversely affect the business."

- Gartner

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User Immediacy, IT Governance

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Users are empowered to produce reporting apps, how they need them, when they need them, from within Excel.

IT are happy that critical issues such as security, scalability, data integrity and controlled deployment of apps are maintained within their overall systems architecture.

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To help you avoid unnecessary costs, avoid pitfalls and get a head start in understanding how to implement effective performance management applications, we have created this Free guide.

It contains the essential information you need to know about self service analytics and how you can revolutionise the way you manage and report on your business.

Now revolutionise your reporting with the ReportStudio Module