The 10 Pillars of Shipping Management Information


Todays shipping industry is more competitive, cost conscious and safety minded than ever. That's why it is so important to ensure you have an accurate and reliable view of your entire business operations.

But not just internally! Benchmarking KPIs against your peers and like for like vessel profitability is equally as important!

Shipping Analytics KPI's automates both your internally and externally sourced KPI's giving you an accurate and 360 degree view of your business.

Implement standard 3rd party shipping KPI models such as but add additional KPIs pertinent to your company such as Financial KPIs etc.

Financial Information

Save Days Every Month !
Financial information makes up a big part of any shipping operation and accuracy, reporting flexibility and timeliness are vital for making better decisions.

Shipping Analytics Financials saves your finance department days per month by eliminating manual (and usually inaccurate) Excel models. It fully automates all reports - P&L's, Expenditure Analyses and Balance Sheets for all your Companies and Vessels.


There's a lot of data out there, turn it into actionable information!

With so many different areas of data it becomes very difficult to get a holistic view of your shipping management information. Automate analysis of all aspects of Voyage Performance, Time Charter Equivalent (TCE) metrics, Cargo reporting and Port costs.

Shipping Analytics Commercials brings all this data together into one system.
One version of the truth.


AppSuite Shipping Analytics works with all your data sources to make your monthly MI reporting fully automated, accurate and auditable.

All information is stored in a highly secure and scalable Data Warehouse whilst allowing the end user to use their preferred choice of software, Excel for formalised and ad-hoc reporting and dashboards.

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So How Many Boxes Do You Tick?

Not possible to easily get one holistic view of your shipping Management Information

Taking too long to produce Management Information each period

Unable to incorporate 3rd party data for industry benchmarking

Owners, managers and superintendents not working from one fully automated system

Massive dependency on key resources to produce and check MI

A nightmare to distribute static content to internal and external users

Featured Partner

Excel in Business is proud to announce a strategic partnership with ShipNet, the maritime ERP software company, to provide a range of analytical and reporting solutions for its customer base through AppSuite Shipping Analytics.

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