How Many Boxes Do You Tick?

Struggling to get a holistic view of your business

Massive dependency on key resources to produce and check Management KPI's

Need to incorporate 3rd party KPI's along side your own internal KPI's

Looking for a system that is automated but flexible enough to handle your business


AppSuite KPI Analytics works with your internal and all relevant 3rd party information to make your management KPI's automated, accurate and powerful.

All whilst allowing the end user to use their preferred choice of software, Excel.

Instant ROI

Access KPI's vital to your business and see trends you couldn't easily before. Compare Actuals with any target.

Get More From Your Data

Information you can trust, enhanced. Comprehensive and customisable scoring system giving you more data about your data.

See How You Measure Up

Benchmark against industry standards by integrating 3rd party KPI's. See how your business really measures up.

Save Days

Automated KPI's saves days on your reporting every period. Spend more time analysing the data and less producing it.

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Automate Industry KPI's

Today the world is an uncertain place. So the more certain you can be the better an edge you have over the competition.
Get that edge by seeing where you triumph and where you lag behind by automating industry KPI's alongside your own.

3rd party industry KPI's can be sourced and automated in AppSuite KPI's.


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