A La Carte Financial Intelligence - Sage X3

How Many Boxes Do You Tick?

Taking too long to produce Management Accounts each period

Company, Cost Centre and Dept analysis increases spreadsheet complexity

Concerns with information accuracy caused by potential spreadsheet errors

MI does not reflect how you want to measure the business

Massive dependency on key resources to produce and check MI

Impossible to provide consolidated
Act v Bud v Fcst analysis


A La Carte Financial Intelligence - Sage X3 works with your Sage X3 data to make your financial reporting automated, scalable and auditable. All whilst allowing the end user to use their preferred choice of software, Excel.

Save Days

Automated Management Accounts saves days on your reporting every period. Spend more time analysing the data and less producing it.

Accuracy and Full Auditability

Data Accuracy is guaranteed and auditing is made simple. Drill from any P&L or BS all the way through to individual transactions.

Actual Vs Budget Vs Forecast

Actuals can be easily combined and contrasted against Budgets and multiple Forecasts. By company, by cost centre, by department etc.


"Without Financial Intelligence we could not consolidate and report across our 50+ Sage companies!"
- Group FC Finance Company

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