A Powerful Combination

Leverage the real power of your data with the fastest way to develop self-serivce analytics apps.
A La Carte with Power BI.


Combine all your disperate data sources into one manageable source. No more manually adding data sets together to get the full picture.


Easily add vital business logic, calculations and time intelligence. Analysis becomes easy when the intelligence is already built into the data.


Enhanced data source makes deployment through Power BI easy. Deploy reports and dashboards to any device.


A La Carte & Power BI truly are the fastest way to self-service analytical apps. Get ROI within 30 days!

Live Examples

All data enhanced using A La Carte and published using Power BI

Real Power is in the Data

The key to any analytical app is a powerful, accurate data source.

If the data you feed in is poor then the reports and dashboards you get out will be poor. A La Carte takes your existing data and,

  • Ensures that is accurate with built in error checking
  • Enhances it with the vital business logic, calculations and time intelligence you need
  • Combines it into one, easy to read output
Because when you feed good data in to Power BI, great reports and dashboards follow.

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