A La Carte Support

Excel in Business is fanatical about providing excellent customer service and prompt resolution to any and all defects in any product within its A La Carte software range.

To ensure all issues, bugs and enhancement information is captured correctly, escalated and resolved efficiently, we operate an internet based logging and monitoring system.

The Kayako Support System

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Log support tickets for help and advice from our experienced consultants.

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Using the Kayako system ensures that each issue and enhancement request is correctly
logged and can be track by both us and the customer.

ShipNet Support System

For customers using A La Carte in conjunction with the ShipNet ERP system, support is provided through the standard ShipNet support site.

Simply state that the ticket relates to your A La Carte system.

Click here for the ShipNet support site.

ShipNet Support.png

Training Documents

In addition to the Kayako support system, training documents
will be made available as part of the product training.

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Our Promise to You*

  • Excel in Business will make a provisional analysis and endeavour to replicate and where possible solve or provide a workaround to the problem within 24 hours (excluding weekends)

  • Excel in Business will contact the Customer and where necessary access the Customer’s application remotely over the internet to speed up resolution times for more complex issues

  • Each Customer and Business Partner will be able to track resolutions to issues they have raised, plus any others their organisation has raised using the Kayako Support System

  • If the Customer’s application is required in totality, Excel in Business will provide a Customer with its FTP Support Site to transfer appropriate files / backups

  • Bug fixes will be tested thoroughly at Excel in Business’ offices before any patch or update is provided to the Customer. In all cases, we will endeavour to provide some form of rectification within 72 hours (excluding weekends)

*Please note that for customers using the ShipNet support system, Excel in Business will take all reasonable steps to uphold the above promises, however these will be subject to ShipNet's response times and procedures.