Online Training

Excel in Business have provided training services to the most senior of Management Teams across the majority of vertical industries, to ensure such users and sponsors get the most from the Reporting Systems they have purchased.

Scheduling and conducting even "face to face" software training for busy Managers and Executives can be a challenging process at the best of times, so doesn't Virtual Training make this issue even worse and does it really work?

Excel in Business passionately believes that Virtual Training is the ONLY approach that really works in today's marketplace, because:

  • It can be scheduled quickly as time slots become available for our customers and our own staff

  • It can even be scheduled "out of hours" if the slots are convenient to our customers and internal staff

  • By doing the Training remotely, most or all of it is completed on the customer's own applications, not a hypothetical training database with data that nobody recognises or understands

  • A half or entire day's training can be split into small 1 hour training slots if required. This offers the benefit of users becoming familiar with the A La Carte software and then getting their training incrementally.

    Nothing is worse than having a new product installed with a half or multiple days training programme all taken in one session (which is what face to face training normally means).

    Phased learning through Virtual Training allows familiarization before moving to the next stage.
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