About Us

Headquartered in London, England, Excel in Business, is a leading supplier of self service analytical applications designed and deployed from within Excel. Our core business includes financial management, management reporting and performance dashboard applications delivered to Enterprise and Mid Market organisations.

Excel in Business’s mission is to provide fast, simple and scalable reporting applications which can be designed and developed by end users in record timescales. Our products use the robust, industry standard Microsoft data warehousing platform so that such applications are developed with IT’s endorsement.


Product Focus


Excel in Business aims to provide self-service Management Reporting software that:

  • Customers and Business Partners recommend and embrace
  • Is easily affordable for all Customers
  • Is based on the universal end user tool of choice - Microsoft's Excel
  • Can be implemented in days
  • Provides return on investment in the first month
  • Can be used by managers with little to no training
  • Provides best in class report output, through highly formatted Dashboards and Reports

Founders and Management Team

Excel in Business cofounders Paul Martin and Nico Kichenbrand have a history of proven success in the Management Reporting and Business Intelligence arena and are widely regarded as industry experts.

Between 1993-1999, they were part of the Management Team that grew Gentia software (a Business Performance Management software vendor) from $0-$26m, leading to a successful Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the Nasdaq in 1996.

In 1999, they setup and funded ProClarity (UK), a leading provider of Business Intelligence products, which they sold to ProClarity Corp in 2003 (subsequently sold to Microsoft Corp).

Between 2001 and 2004 they grew IntelligentApps, a company specialising in providing Excel based Business Intelligence and Management Reporting applications engineered around the Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services and Office platforms. This software was successfully sold to over 250 large corporations for Financial Reporting, Sales, Product Analysis and CRM Analytics. IntelligentApps concluded an OEM arrangement with Sage (UK) in 2003 for providing Business Intelligence integrated with Sage Line 500.

With Venture Capital backing, they sold IntelligentApps to Sage (UK) Limited in 2004 and as part of Sage they designed and architected the original Sage Business Business Intelligence offerings.

Their commitment as the driving force behind Excel in Business is to use their unrivalled experience in the Management Reporting and Business Intelligence space to bring the value of such technology and applications to the benefit of Enterprise and Mid Market organisations.

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