Our Business Partners

Excel in Business recognises the value of domain expertise in chosen vertical and horizontal markets that our world class Business Partners can provide to our customers.

Business Partners are typically Software Solution or Consulting companies who are looking to utilise the power of A La Carte to widen and enhance their overall solution scope and capabilities.

Business Partners will be focused on either Mid Market or Enterprise Customers and membership is available worldwide. 

If you are interested in becoming a Business Partner then visit the Business Partner Overview section of this site. 

Business Partners

Our Business Partners invariably provide :

  • Financial Reporting Solutions
  • Management Consulting and Business Consulting services
  • Accounting and CRM software solutions 
  • Business Intelligence implementation and training services
  • Performance Management solutions.

Partnering With Excel in Business

A La Carte complements and enhances our partners capabilities to provide a comprehensive Management Reporting solution that encompasses :

  • Full Financial Reporting and distribution capabilities from within Excel
  • High presentation quality, graphical Dashboards for Performance Management requirements
  • Return on investment literally in days or weeks
  • Data driven reports with zero maintenance each reporting period
  • Unlimited distribution of our software within any customer
  • Enterprise solutions at Departmental prices for local or worldwide deployments

Excel in Business will work as part of our Business Partners teams to provide full assistance in the following areas :

  • Sales collateral and seminar programme collateral
  • Web based demonstrations to your customers
  • Personnel for demonstrations and presentations at your sales events
  • Provide post sales implementation and training resource if required
  • Host virtual seminars to educate prospects and customers in A La Carte's potential
  • A dedicated PartnerNET website for easy access to the latest sales and consulting materials

Our flexible services model empowers Business Partners with a management reporting bias to do the implementation themselves, whereas Business Partners who wish to recognise both a revenue and solution opportunity but do not want to have the cost of skilling up, can use appropriate resources from Excel in Business.

For further information about partnering with Excel in Business take a look at the Partnership Overview section or Register An Interest with your details.

If you are ready to commence partnering, then please complete our Business Partner Application Form