App Challenge.png
App Challenge.png

How it works

In 3 simple steps we aim to build a complete functioning demo of your reporting application and show you what you can achieve with A La Carte AppSuite.

Like what you see! - Let's start talking about all the things you would want in a live version of your app.

Still Unsure? - Not a problem, there is absolutely no obligation to buy.

Step 1

Upload your example data in an Excel workbook using the form below.
This will be the source for your demo application.

Due to demand, workbooks should be set up as a table of data such as the
example below.

Workbook Example.png
Workbook Example.png
  • The data can have any fields that you require, in any order

  • Data can be spread across different worksheets, but different data sets must be link by a common field

  • All data will be handled in the strictest confidence, however, if you don't want to send us live data simply replace it with dummy data

Step 2

Your workbook will be passed on to one of our specialist consultants who will use the data to develop a demo of your application.

Step 3

Once your app has been developed, our consultant will contact you to confirm a date and time for a virtual demo of your app.

They will show you,
  • How your demo application was developed
  • The value that could be added to your app, with somethings you may never have thought of!
  • What a final live version of your application could look like

Please note you will be under NO obligation to buy, but you will not be given access to the application without purchasing the software.