Originally published 15/05/2015


To your first of many A La Carte (ALC) User Newsletters to keep you abreast of developments within Excel In Business (EIB), the ALC software and our user community. This move serves to positively respond to over 55% of you telling us you are not informed frequently enough. So here’s to being and staying connected!

In today’s newsletter we will tell you a little about a number of events that have happened recently, ones that are up and coming and further changes we are implementing thanks to your survey feedback which we are very grateful for.

EIB on the Road...

A busy month of April saw 3 events all over the globe.

On the 21st April, Sys-care hosted a Sage 200 Partner event at St Martin-in-the-fields (London) to launch Sage 2015 that we used as a showcase for our ALC Financial Intelligence 2015 for Sage 200.

The Shipnet user conference was held in Athens, Greece, from 21 to 23 April with the theme “Right Now” that perfectly slotted with the launch of our ALC 2015 Apps.

Great news - Shipnet announced at the conference they have chosen A La Carte as the platform for all their commercial analytics!!

Here you see our CTO, Nico Kichenbrand, presenting A La Carte to the Shipnet user community.

The trendy CitizenM Hotel in London hosted our UK user conference on the 28th and 29th April. Over 40 users and a strong contingent of prospects and existing / potential partners attended 7-8 presentations each day, ranging diverse topics from Strategic Direction – Visionary as well as detailed looks into ALC 2014/5, Various Case Studies, Hotel Analytics, Account Management feedback and ALC in a mobile connected world.

A lot of customers got to meet our consultants or their account manager for the first time.

Valuable feedback including an average score of over 8 for our presentations – thank you, glad you found them interesting! Overwhelming requests for this event to be repeated annually. We agree ;-)

You can now download a selection of materials from the User Conference as well as view recorded versions of the sessions from our website:


The consultants who presented the Case Studies… Danka, Tsui-Sie, Andy and Jon

Training & Movies:

We have made changes to our services and software in response to your survey feedback as part of our Account Management launch. Over time we will tell you about these changes. Firstly, making our regular workshop movies available for free rather than having to pay a nominal charge. Secondly, our implementation training set has changed as well – it is still 3 sessions but the final session includes a hands on development of a report of your choice that is jointly developed with the project consultant.

For the free workshop movies, see the links below. Note, most features work the same in our latest releases.

View and Calendar: (explaining these 2 Financial Intelligence Cube dimensions) Andy Illustrates the correlation for selection criteria and/or row/column placement.

Formatting Master Class: Tom explains almost all there is about ALC formatting and how it ties in with Excel formatting.

Memo Accounts: Andy explains the use of Memo Accounts for analysis or calculation purposes and how to apply them in statements and reports.

Alternative Angels: A tongue in cheek Christmas production, thanks to Jon, look at your data from different angles using ALC.

Drilldown - Expand v Group & Outline: Andy tackles these 2 different drilldown methods with the uses and pros/cons of each.

Preparing Information for the Board: Paul gives us an insight in how he has created some of his smart looking demonstration menus and reports to package professional looking ALC reports.

Dynamic Narrow Down: Again, Andy - the Asymmetric view when combining multiple dimensions into row/column is explained in greater detail with results of changes made to clearly illustrate the impact of changes/selections.

Upcoming for May & June:

As you have all indicated you miss our workshops, the next one is imminent! Reserve an hour from 11 -12 on the 21st May for Jon’s workshop on Calculations. Simply reply to this email.

Our new website will be finished by the end of May and live early June.

Hello & Goodbye:

Time for a sad but fond farewell. We wish our developer Yoram Levin, all the best for a fantastic retirement. Our connection with Yoram extends beyond most – over 20 years.

Welcome to our newcomer developers Chris King from “Up North” and Trevisen Pillay from “Down South” – who join the fray with extensive experience in the application development space.

Finally also waving a farewell to our services manager Elsje Koelmans who has nurtured our consulting team as set out and is now pursuing personal goals.
Nico Kichenbrand will take over the reins to head up Services.