The Pain of Period End

Period end reporting is a vital business process that needs to be completed quickly and accurately every time.

However the process itself is just the start point, the subsequent value is in the presentation, formulation and distribution of key business metrics and reports to determine positive versus adverse variances in performance.

Never is the value of such information greater than for an organization's Finance Department, but the solutions available, often couldn't be more complicated.

What does a Finance Department use considering the following issues ?

  • Account / ERP System Report Writers are far too complicated and massively inflexible
  • Business Intelligence Tools are far too expensive and poor at Financial Reporting (FDs want a P&L to look like a P&L !)
  • Cost Centres, Departments and Chart of Accounts are all prone to change every period
  • Make do, homegrown Excel systems get the results out, but take days to maintain and check
  • Final reports required are not just "lifted" straight out of the Accounting System, often they require further manipulation for presentation e.g Investor P&L v Management P&L v Statutory P&L
Take a look at the A La Carte Reporting Suite - Open ERP / CRM  or A La Carte Financial Intelligence - Sage 200 / 1000  sections to see how you can make financial management reporting simple and cost effective in your organisation.