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ReportStudio provides a range of options for deploying Dashboards, Management and Financial Reports seamlessly on the leading mobile platforms – iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

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Full Functionality In Excel 

For 100% full functionality, the solution is simple :

  • Windows Terminal Services or Citrix, with Excel and A La Carte hosted on a private or cloud based Windows server
  • A Remote Desktop or Remote Application program – Microsoft’s Remote Desktop app recommended
    (available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices)

Advantages of this approach are :

  • Equal Desktop and Mobile functionality
  • Security – everything is deployed on the server, so device theft and business risk is minimized

Interactive Applications Using 3rd Party Software – PowerBI

Where 100% browser and / or mobile deployment of your apps is a prerequisite, you can
get the best of integrating AppSuite and Financial Intelligence with Microsoft’s Power BI.

Leverage our datamarts with all their built-in intelligence, security and calculation engines
and simply use Power BI directly for visualisation. This makes delivering web and mobile apps
so faster, as all the data preparation and integrity checking has already been completed.

Of course, in many application designs life is not so clear cut, requiring some Excel users
with the richness of our ReportStudio add-in, but also web and mobile users for wider deployment.
No problem, develop the core app once using AppSuite and deploy through both methods.

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Static Content Deployed In Cloud Services

Static reports and dashboards can easily be deployed to leading Cloud Services providers e.g :

  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Google Docs
  • DropBox
  • Box
  • Other Cloud Service providers

Using iOS, Android and Windows Phone Office 365 apps, full Excel workbooks can be rendered on any device.

Advantages of this approach are :

  • Access from anywhere using standard Cloud Services
  • Access from any device