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The A La Carte Cube Reporting module allows powerful, intuitive reports and analyses to be developed on top of your Data Warehouse from within native Excel.

Microsoft provides great BI reporting tools in Excel such as PivotTables and PowerPivot, but these act mainly as grids of information for analyses and cannot be formatted to the same granularity an Excel user would expect and demand for highly formatted reports. A La Carte complements these solutions to transform Excel into a truly complete Enterprise Reporting solution.

If you want to build sophisticated reports as an Excel user and don’t have the skills or desire to use a separate tool outside of Excel such as Microsoft Reporting Services, then A La Carte Cube Reporting module is the tool for you.

Also, should you require Enterprise Business Intelligence without the cost or training, then A La Carte Cube Reporting module can be providing your company with ROI in hours.

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Sourcing Data For Your Reports

Data can be added from any data type below or from multiple sources.

Examples include :

  • OLAP (Cube) data from SQL Server Analysis Services
  • In Memory data from SQL Server Tabular databases

In addition, multiple reports can be linked together (link Product, Customer, Time Period etc) with common attributes thus transforming separate reports into powerful integrated analytical applications.



  • Return on investment (ROI) can be achieved within hours / days. If you have Cubes of data and/or In Memory databases, simply install and start building.
  • Professionally designed reports can be developed quickly without any detailed knowledge of Excel.
  • For the first time ever, the benefits of Business Intelligence (Drill down / Slicing & Dicing information) can be combined with the benefits of a traditional reporting solution (precise formatting / inserting blank lines and columns etc).
  • Scalability. Excel row / column limits are not an issue. A La Carte query optimisation allows you to render reports with millions of rows in seconds
  • Auditability. Behind every number is always an auditing requirement ! Take any number in a Cube report and double click to get back to the transactions that make up that number.
  • Low cost and simplicity of licensing. Licenses are available for unlimited users for a country or unlimited users worldwide. No per user, per feature, per author / user complexity which alternative solutions tend to add to pricing considerations, usually resulting in unexpected costs.
  • Run anywhere. Reports can be deployed on PCs/Laptops/Slates or via Windows Terminal Services providing access from iOS, Android and Windows Phone mobile devices.


Integration With Other A La Carte Modules

  • When used in conjunction with the Dashboard module, the A La Carte Cube Reporting module can make Dashboards available across your entire Data Warehouse.
  • When used in conjunction with the SQL Reporting module, A La Carte Cube Reporting module can facilitate Cube Reports and SQL Reports in the same worksheet / workbook and where there are common parameters, these can be linked across both types of reports. This would allow you to have say a Top n Customer report sourced from SQL Server Analysis Services next to a linked report showing the customer transactions for a named Customer. Management analyses and Operational detail seamlessly linked.
  • When used in conjunction with the Report Distribution module, reports can be setup to run static copies (output as Excel, PDF and/or Single Web Archive format reports) based on user security. So you could send each Product Manager a Sales Report for just his /her Product(s) and these would automatically be output each day, week, month etc.