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The A La Carte Dashboard module allows powerful and intuitive Dashboards to be developed within native Excel.

New Excel graph types such as Bullet Charts, Performance Gauges and Spark Bandlines are readily available from an extensive A La Carte gallery.


gauge chart updated data.png


Sourcing Data For The Dashboards

Data can be added from any data type or from multiple sources.

Examples include :

  • Excel formula referencing other worksheets or workbooks
  • OLAP (Cube) data from SQL Server Analysis Services
  • Relational (SQL) data from Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or Access

For the first time, enterprise Dashboards can be deployed from the end user’s tool of choice …… Excel.


  • Return on investment (ROI) can be achieved within hours / days. Create Dashboard, add your data and deploy.
  • Professional Dashboards can be developed quickly without any detailed knowledge of Excel.
  • Low cost. Dashboards can be deployed to anyone in your organization with Excel.
  • Run anywhere. Dashboards can be deployed on PCs/Laptops/Slates or via Windows Terminal Services providing access from iOS, Android and Windows Phone mobile devices.

For more indepth information, look at our Dashboards microsite