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Dashboards can go a long way to improving your management reporting, but can be quite tricky to get the right business messages across.

That's why we have created this Free guide to help get you started, using techniques advocated by leading industry experts like Stephen Few and Edward Tufte. It eliminates the cost of expensive training courses and provides valuable practical advice to get you started.

Secure and Scalable with Excel

Management information always ends up in Excel in one form or another.

  • Users love Excel because it is flexible and gives them the tools to build the reports they need when they need them

  • IT hate Excel because it's not scalable and the integrity of the data is nearly impossible to maintain

But, what if there was a way to let Users have the flexibility they want in Excel, but make it secure and scalable so IT are happy?

The Solution

A La Carte ReportStudio is an Excel based reporting and dashboarding solution designed to leverage the power of your data and deliver fully interactive on screen and print quality report packs.

All without any effort, delay or complexity.

It empowers the Users to build the reports they want when they want them,
whilst ensuring the security and scalability that IT demand.

ReportStudio Modules

A La Carte ReportStudio is available as a complete suite or as a number of separate modules that can be easily added to over time.

Cube Reporting Module

  • Go beyond the power of pivot tables, with scalable, professionally formatted reports for the board

  • Connect to any Microsoft OLAP or Tabular model cubes to create powerful ad-hoc reports

  • Drill to the underlying transactions for complete auditing of any number

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Dashboarding Module

  • Interactive dashboards from single or multiple data sources

  • Charts designed and inspired by leading industry visualisation experts

  • Dashboards are native to Excel so can be opened without A La Carte installed

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SQL Reporting Module

  • Release the power of your data contained in your Microsoft and Oracle SQL databases

  • Connect to any SQL View or Table to create powerful ad-hoc reports

  • Advanced report formatting functionality and grouping for board quality reports

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Report Distribution Module

  • Fully automate distributions of daily / monthly report packs to your managers

  • Email, save, or print all of your report packs at a touch of a button. Automatically publish to cloud storage e.g OneDrive

  • Create offline reports for users without connection to your live data

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Mobile, Tablet and Cloud Solutions

  • Deploy reports and dashboards for easy mobile viewing

  • By harnessing Windows Terminal Services or Citrix technologies, view interactive Cube and SQL reports as well as dashboards on the go

  • Offline functionality means reports are interactive even when not connected

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How it Works

End users have access through the A La Carte Excel add-in to run powerful, interactive reports and dashboards which are intuitive to use and easy to create.

Now leverage the power of all your data with the AppStudio Module