Excel in Business's A La Carte software suite has been designed to simplify and totally automate your organization's Management and Financial Reporting processes.
A La Carte empowers businesses to accurately focus on their trading performance immediately after period end.
This is in stark contrast to the norm, where many organizations consume significant amounts of time and effort, collating, manually manipulating and interpreting the information themselves.
So why not remove the pain of reporting, eliminate dependency on key management resources and deliver information simpler, quicker and with more insight and accuracy by simply switching to A La Carte ?
From Mid Market ->  Enterprise Corporations, A La Carte provides highly scalable reporting solutions that offer the following bcust_quote16.pngenefits:
  • Provision of professional Management Dashboards to highlight KPI performance
  • Ability to provide 'out of the box' highly formatted Financial Statements from within Excel that encompass all areas of Financial, Commercial and Multi Company reporting.
  • Faster and more cost effective turnaround of monthly Management Report packs. Don’t take days of preparation every month end, have your reports available instantly ! 
  • Ability to provide a menu driven personalized view of key management reports that are pertinent to an individual or group or users.
  • Integration with existing applications. Personalised A La Carte menus can provide access to Excel based Management Reports, your Accounting and CRM systems, your email etc and any other documents e.g Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF etc as a single point of access.
  • Ability to automate daily, weekly and monthly reporting and to schedule the system to update automatically.
  • Provide applications that adapt to change, so that when your chart of accounts change or you change your organization structure e.g add Departments, Cost Centres etc, your reports simply update themselves.
  • Guarantee accuracy of information. Most Management Reporting applications that exist are Excel based and use downloads of information from the Accounting or CRM application using techniques such as database queries (ODBC) or simple Comma Separated Value (CSV) extracts. Such approaches are often complex, require maintenance and cannot be genuinely considered accurate (see Management Reporting - Business Need).
  • A La Carte has been written to automatically extract the information and provides inbuilt auditing capabilities to check your information is accurate against the Accounting or CRM application. This ensures decisions are based on the right information which is absolutely critical.
  • 5 year trends are provided as standard. This means that unlike conventional reporting systems, you can analyse trends to determine if any part of the business is improving / declining year on year (even when you have archived your data).
  • Full Analytical queries not just reports. From a Commercial perspective, understand who are your top performing customers and which products they are buying and when. Understand your Financial performance by being presented with expenses that are over budget this period or YTD.

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