Sage 200 and Sage 500 / 1000 Sage BI Considerations

A La Carte Financial Intelligence is now the only commercial software package which offers a comprehensive Financial Management platform for Sage 200 and Sage 500/1000 users. If you are a SageBI user, then why not migrate to a new level of simplicity, power, speed and flexibility. Many customers have already !cust_quote38.png

IMPORTANT NOTICE : In late 2012, Sage announced that Sage BI for Sage 500 / 1000 would no longer be developed and supported. If this unfortunately affects your company, then contact us immediately to discuss migration to A La Carte.

As far as we have been notified, Sage BI for Sage 200 continues, however we have not seen any development plans for new features within this product for some time. cust_quote39.pngThere is limited support for new versions of Excel announced such as 2013 and Windows 8, but all of these are 32 bit versions and not 64bit for larger applications (both are supported with A La Carte). We are also unsure about full support for Excel 2010/2013 on Terminal Services and Citrix environments. Please check with Sage or your Sage Business Partner if this effects you, or talk to us in order to migrate to A La Carte.

Given the continued development of A La Carte Financial Intelligence, support for modern platforms and essential functionality like Dashboards, auditing drill through back to the original transactions in Sage, plus budgeting and forecasting functionality (all of which never ever existed in SageBI), isn't it time you now looked ahead to a new modern long term reporting platform ?



In truth, neither version of Sage BI ever had the depth and scope of functionality as a dedicated reporting product like A La Carte.

Whilst simple reporting and adhoc analysis applications for smaller Sage 200 customers can be addressed using SageBI, be aware of some of the key A La Carte differentiators that will save your organisation both time and money and make your finance team more productive and efficient :

  • In A La Carte, Financial Reports such as P&L and Balance Sheet Statements (with full drilldown) are delivered "out of the box" cust_quote40.pnglooking like professional reports that can be immediately presented to your board, shareholders, management team etc
  • All financial numbers in your P&Ls and Balance Sheets are traceable back to the underlying transactions in Sage 200, 500 or 1000
  • Multiple versions of any Financial Statement can easily be produced e.g Internal P&L, Statutory P&L, Investor P&L etc
  • Multi currency applications are fully supported
  • Transactional Analysis fields can be reported in the same way as Cost Centres and Departments
  • Cost Centres and Departments can be grouped for further levels of performance analysis e.g Region, Business type etc 
  • Textual narrative can be added to provide Management Feedback against the numeric facts
  • Reports can be automatically distributed to any number of end users at period end
  • Offline usage. Drilldown is not just supported online, remote users can still drilldown on static reports provided by email
  • Forecasting. Easily add and contrast almost unlimited versions of Forecast with your Sage 200, 500 or 1000 Actuals and Budgets
  • Full support for multi company applications

The list is endless and the above is just a small example of the key A La Carte differences, which can be summarised from a business perspective as :

  • Time savings of 2-3 days every period above any other reporting or BI solution commercially available
  • Complete automation of your period end reporting
  • Improved accuracy of the information you deliver

cust_quote41.pngFinally, software is only a minor part of any Management Reporting solution.

Whilst the reporting software must be functional enough to meet the diversity of all Sage 200, 500 and 1000 user requirements, it is imperative that it is backed up by professional services provided by industry experts to configure and personalise the software to meet your own specific requirements.

With A La Carte you are working with specialised Business and Technical consultants who have over 600 successful financial reporting projects and 20 years proven expertise per person to ensure you don't just get "a solution", you get "your solution".

Why spend tens of thousands of poundscust_quote42.png on an accounting system, then not give the board and management team the information they need to drive the business ?

Deliver the best in Management Reporting for Sage 200, 500 and 1000, by implementing A La Carte Financial Intelligence.


But don't take our word for it !

Please Book A Demonstration to see for yourself, visit our A La Carte Case Studies section to see the real world benefits of implementing A La Carte, or simply Register Your Interest with us and we'll keep you informed of all A La Carte developments.