A La Carte Financial Intelligence - Mid Market Accounting provides a comprehensive management reporting solution for information held within any Mid Market server based Accounting software package.

Reduce monthly reporting costs, improve the timeliness and turn around of your accounts production, erradicate costly spreadsheet errors and provide tracability from high level numbers in your Financial Report packs back to your base accounting data.

For the first time, users ranging from Executives to line Managers can experience a fully interactive Financial reporting solution that presents them with everything they need to monitor and run their business, accurately, fast - and from within Excel .

Comprehensive reporting and analyses that includes :


  • Meaningful Management Dashboards highlighting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and
    Financial metrics, over any periodicity from your Accounting System i.e weeks, months, quarters, years etc
  • Automation, simplification and production of Management Reporting packs saving literally days per period (every period). No more manually hacking around Excel spreadsheets to reflect changes that have happened to the Accounting System e.g addition of Cost Centres, Departments, Regions etc, or changes to the Chart of Accounts. 
  • Distribution of any and all reports automatically via email to remote or disconnected users.
  • Text based annotation to back up the numerical facts with (just as important) management commentary and suggested next actions

The worlds 4 leading Accounting and ERP vendors - SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and Sage now structure their Accounting software on a 2 tier basis to provide :

  • Optimised transactional processing for invoices, journals, cash etc using standard industry proven Relational Database technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2 etc
  • Optimised reporting databases often referred to as "Cubes" or "Data Marts" or sometimes OnLine Analytical Processing (OLAP) engines to provide information that is optimised for quick and flexible analyses and reporting.


If you have an Accounting System that utilises Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services as the optimised reporting database, then the good news is that you an start using A La Carte immediately.

If you want to take full advantage of some of the more advanced features of A La Carte Financial Intelligence - Mid Market Accounting, then you will require a specific adaptor for your Accounting System.  Based on our 20 years expertise of working with Finance Directors and Group Financial Controllers, such adaptors offer "real world" functionality that is just ignored or is conspicuously absent from other Financial Reporting or Business Intelligence tools.



  • Financial Statement Designer. Ability to remap your chart of accounts to other or additional reporting structures like Investor P&Ls, Statutory P&Ls etc, where such relationships needed to produce these reports are not available in your base accounting system.
  • Set of Management Report packs "out of the box". Why always build using a traditional Reporting tools approach when we can deliver 80-90% out of the box !
    Just use our powerful Report and Dashboard Designers for the remaining 10%.
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