Budgets and Forecasts can be captured, loaded, imported and consolidated in a variety of ways using the A La Carte Financial Intelligence – Budgeting and Forecasting module.


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Loading Data From Your Accounting System

Where your Accounting System supports single or multiple versions of Budgets and Forecasts, then these figures are automatically imported as part of your daily, weekly or monthly updates from the Accounting System to A La Carte.

Adding New Budgets Using The A La Carte Interactive Budgeting Workbook

Where your Accounting System only has one Budget and you wish to add one or more Forecast versions of the data to your reporting environment, A La Carte makes this complex additional process trivial.

Alternatively you may wish to add an additional 5 year budget / forecast model which may or may not be supported by your core Accounting System.  The A La Carte Interactive Budgeting Workbook allows you to add this data for your P&L / Balance Sheets across any combination of Cost Centre, Department and even Company.  A La Carte writes this data back to the underlying Financial Data Warehouse and the A La Carte consolidation process - loads, consolidates and integrates this information with your base Actuals and Budgets.  The result means you can easily do Actual v Budget v Forecast reporting across any and all parts of your organization.

Importing Budgets and Forecasts

The third way of getting information loaded for your Budgets and Forecasts is to import the data from Excel directly into A La Carte. This is extremely useful where customers may have existing Budgeting and Forecasting models written in Excel, but simply want to integrate and consolidate that information with ease.

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